Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bisbee and Tombstone

 My Mom and sisters visited for a week, and we spent 2 days and a night in Bisbee, an old mining town in S.E. Arizona.. We had a marvelous time. The drive is an easy 2.25 hours and it's very scenic. We stopped in Tombstone for a quick look- it's very touristy, but the history is authentic and interesting. In Bisbee, we stayed at the Gym Club Suites, which is an old YMCA right in the heart of town and across from a public parking lot. It has been converted into a charming hotel, and the prices are very reasonable. We had dinner at the Cafe Roka, which is considered one of Arizona's best restaurants (and rightly so). Like much of Bisbee, it's only open Thursday through Sunday. I had made reservations a few days prior to our visit. On Saturday we hiked around town a bit- very interesting as there are many creative people who have personalized the old miners shacks with color, yard art and funky fences. Then we drove past the open pit mine to Bisbee Breakfast Club- a "must" for every Bisbee trip, in our (Jed's and my) opinion. Delightful, as always.We spent about an hour in the mining museum, which tells the story of the mining process and the people who once populated this once thriving town. We hired a walking historical tour guide, Michael, who was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. And we checked out the galleries and shops on Main Street and in Brewery Gulch. We did not go on the mine tour, having run out of time, but I highly recommend it.
All in all, it was a wonderful time. I love Bisbee, and I'm happy to go there at least once a year.

Tombstone: Bar Girls
Barb and Fran in Bisbee
Bisbee Main Street

Tombstone: Horses and Carriage

Horses and Stagecoach

Horses and stagecoach with passengers

Bisbee: front porch of a house

Bisbee: on a hike

Bisbee: Michael the historical tour guide

Bisbee: street performers
Creative fence in Bisbee

Thursday, October 28, 2010


We're used to seeing quail and doves and lots of other birds, but a roadrunner in the backyard is not an every day occurrence. This guy was there for quite a while, and I got about 10 photos, but this is the only one where he's moving and actually looks like a roadrunner.
After a day of house and yard work and a Costco run in Tucson, we settled in to enjoying some Green Valley amenities. We discovered that our favorite fitness room at Santa Rita Springs has been enlarged and updated- a nice surprise. The pool at this facility is also my favorite, as it's kept pretty warm and has a lovely view of the mountains.
Today we joined the hiking club (an every Thursday event) for a hike in the Santa Rita mountains-just a 20 minute drive from our house. It was a great outing, and the weather was perfect. It got hot in the afternoon- 88- but was cooler in the morning and we had some good tree cover.
Tomorrow.....who knows?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Anticipating Autumn in Arizona

We're counting the days until we return to our Arizona home. As the weather gets wetter and the days get shorter here in Seattle, the Southwest is looking more and more enticing. We should be about to get away by mid October. We'll be driving down, and the road trip is an enjoyable part of the experience for us (except when we have to rush it).
Today is the first day of this blog, and the purpose is to create a resource for friends who rent or who would like to rent this house for a stretch of time in the winter. As we discover more and more interesting places to go and things to do in the surrounding area, we'll share our thoughts here. Hopefully, this will result in richer experiences for those who spend some time in Green Valley.