Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back in Seattle

This was my big accomplishment in the time we spent in Arizona this fall. I finished it just before we left and didn't have time to grout it. We bought the green tiles; I made almost all the others in the clay studio. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Green Valley this time. Jed biked with a hard core group on Tuesdays and took swimming lessons. He also made a couple great pieces of furniture in the wood shop- a coffee table for Seattle and a cabinet in which to store our sports equipment in AZ. We both hiked on Thursdays with the club and really enjoyed some of the hikes in the Saguaro National Park barely north of Tucson, where you see not only great Saguaros, but interesting rock formations. I LOVE the clay studio and spend maybe even too much time there. We did manage to play tennis once and work out in the fitness rooms maybe 10 times. Didn't play pickle ball even once! Too much to do- too little time. We are making more friends and enjoying social time as well. This was the first time that I could envision spending even more time here. The only drawback to that plan is friends and family- especially our new grandson. Wish AZ and Seattle weren't so far apart! Speaking of that, we made a leisurely road trip of it this time-8 days- and it was a lot more pleasant than trying to make it in 3 days! We drove no more than 6 hours each day and visited friends or explored by ourselves in Palm Springs, L.A., Big Sur, Napa, Arcata, Eugene and Lebanon, and Portland. Nice!!!!

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