Friday, October 14, 2011

Heading to Arizona

We're leaving Sunday on a road trip that will take us through Oregon, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and finally, to Green Valley. We've never taken this route before (it's a bit of a detour into Colorado) but we look forward to seeing some new territory. Arizona is starting to cool down a bit now, so we look forward to temperatures in the 80's.
We plan to add cable service and a wireless modem to the house amenities this fall. I adjusted the rental prices just a bit to cover that. We're still trying to keep them below market value and give rental preference to friends and referrals of friends. That has worked quite well thus far.
We're looking forward to all the activities available in Green Valley. There are some house projects that await us, but we should still have lots of time for fun and travel. I'll try to post a few blog entries about any interesting things we discover.

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